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Gold Coast Family Photographer Peter Crichton says “As a family portrait photographer on the gold coast with 20 years experience shooting on Gold Coast beaches, parks and holiday venues, I can help you choose the ideal location for your family photos based on the season, time of day and weather conditions. In addition, I’m happy to help you with what to wear and perhaps some tips on how to get the best look for your Family Photo shoot. The very Highest quality resolution images will be supplied online and are included in all photo shoots”. Family photo packages start at $179

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Gold Coast Family Photographer best Locations…


Perhaps you may prefer a Beach location, or possibly a Park Backdrop for your photo shoot, however the price is the same regardless of the location you choose here on The Gold Coast.


We know all the best beach locations and we can advise which is the most suitable for your family, based on where you are situated, weather conditions and wind direction, The time of day and season.


We have some fabulous park locations that can be a great alternative if weather conditions on the beach are unfavourable.

These parks make a stunning back drop with Beautiful trees, Rustic forests, lakes & waterfalls.

WHAT TO WEAR AT THE BEACH – Basically keep it flowing, loose and casual is generally best for the beach photo’s. Beach clothes should look comfortable, neat & casual. Best colours are white, beige, pale blue & denim. No Logos on clothing if possible as they stand out in the photo.

WHAT TO WEAR AT THE PARK – Smart casual clothes, not too tight fitting. Best colours are Greens & gold, warm autumn tones work well. Use colours that compliment your skin tone. No Logos on clothing if possible as they stand out in the photo.

Peter Crichton is an experienced full-time professional photographer of 25 years.

Firstly Peter studied at the renowned Photography Studies College Melbourne and eventually went on to build a photography business on the Gold Coast in 1996. Moreover his passion is particularly photographing people significantly with over 2000 shoots in Weddings, Portraits, family, Corporate events and Commercial photography, Peter has the experience and the necessary people skills to create an easy flowing shoot for all his clients.

As a result Peter now shares his photographic journey as one of Gold Coast’s most established and experienced photographers.


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