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Gold Coast Photograph Course

Are your photos often blurry, dark, muddy or grainy? Our Photography Courses & Workshops can help you solve all these problems in a One on One coaching session in just 2.5 hrs.

 Bookings : Because this is a One on One Photography Course you can book anytime that suites your calendar. You will be able to submit 3 dates of your choice and I will choose the most suitable date and get back to you via email.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about the One on One Photography Course.

For further information regarding our photography Courses please email me here

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ONE on ONE mentoring produces high speed targeted results fast. In my experience of teaching beginners and advanced photographers through our Photography Courses & Workshops, I discovered that our one to one mentoring was twice as effective as classroom learning and 10 times more successful than online courses. If you have 20 people in a class all with different levels of experience and totally different camera gear, how can text book instruction be 100% effective?

One on One learning is fine tuned to the individual photographers preferred Genre and skill level. A person wanting to become a New Born photographer doesn’t need to waste time learning architecture. A Landscape photographer doesn’t need skills in Sport photography etc.

You can check out our Photography Courses & Workshops here in the link below or you can book through an on line page or contact me direct through my email…

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Gold Coast Photography Courses

You must have questions about our One on One Course so please email me for the course details here… 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers Peter Crichton :)

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