Photography Courses on the Gold Coast with Easy tips & tricks for awesome photos…

Gold Coast Photography Course “One on One” suites Beginners to Intermediate levels.

We have many different Photography Courses & Workshops but the most popular one is the personalized One on One.

Photographers are often at different stages of their journey with different cameras and different Genre’s. Our Photography Courses on the Gold Coast include a One on One course that gets you up and running quickly with a concentrated learning structure designed specifically for YOU.

ONE on ONE – Gold Coast Photography Courses – 2.5 Hrs $150

Bring a friend for fee!

Or your friend / partner can bring their camera which is an extra fee of $50

The first 30 mins is setting your camera for best results based on your style of photography. Then we shoot for 90 mins at a location I have chosen to suite your Photography Genre.

Most popular Photography Genre’s are.. Landscape, Nature, Birds & Wildlife, Cityscape, Street life, Sports, Babies & Kids, Portraits, Wedding, Corporate, Business, Events etc etc.

The last 30 mins we review your images to see how many amazing images you shot :)

(A monthly mentor service is also available)

Me and Jules searching for shoot locations for photography courses.

To see if a One On One Photography Course might help you,

Please send me an email with the following info…

1. What Brand Camera and lens do you use?

2. Have you completed any photography courses?

3. What photography Genre’s are you interested in?

Bookings : Because this is a One on One photography course you can book anytime that suites your calendar.

Please send your details to… or phone anytime on 0419774789

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June 2022 One of our Themed Portrait Workshops at The Roosevelt Lounge Broadbeach – Gold Coast

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Gold Coast Photography Course
Gold Coast Photography Courses
Gold Coast Photography Course

Photography Courses Gold Coast with Peter Crichton Photography.

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