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Gold Coast Photographers

Gold Coast Photographers Peter Crichton and his team specializes in Gold Coast Portrait Photography, Gold Coast Wedding Photography, Gold Coast Corporate Head Shots, Gold Coast Events Photography, Family Photography, Commercial Photography and Photography Courses on the Gold Coast. Affordable, simple and beautiful photography. Gold Coast Photographer Peter Crichton provides the highest level of quality photography to meet your needs, whether for a family gathering, a newborn baby, a corporate event or a wedding.

Gold Coast Photographers

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Our catch cry is “ Its all about the experience” this means the experience you have with us on the day and our years of experience shooting people.Since digital photography started in early 2000 everyone knows a photographer! The market is flooded! But many of these newbie’s have little or no experience with the following…

* How to control a crowd of 80+ people in a friendly efficient way to achieve the group photos and portraits the client needs.

* How to work quickly and efficiently under pressure of a time limit and still achieve plenty of beautiful images without stressing everyone out.

* How to shoot the images the Client wants and not what the photographer thinks looks pretty.

* What to do when things go wrong! It’s pouring rain, the bride is late, the guests are drunk, we forgot the rings, we’ve run out of time and the light is fading, some of the relatives are arguing, the limo is under booked and wants to go, the flowers are late, some guests have not arrived to the ceremony yet. Etc etc.

* How to help a couple or a client feel more relaxed when anxiety gets the upper hand.

* How to make yourself invisible at a ceremony or event so you don’t disrupt the natural flow of the event.

You only get one chance to photograph an event or wedding. Why not choose Experiance


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